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By signing this you authorize Promes Healthcare Ltd to send commercial proposals by mail, fax and email. Your data will be used only for sending of administrative and accounting, educational, commercial and promotional purposes.

The authorization may be revoked at any time by writing to, sending a fax to 02 7010 5712 or by linking to our site


Quality and Satisfaction

Quality and satisfaction are core values ​​for Promes

The Promes quality system aims to guarantee the satisfaction of your expectations, through a three-pronged strategy:

  • compliance with well-defined and validated procedures in the quality manual,
  • verification and monitoring of services and results,
  • continuous improvement of the quality of services and therapeutic interventions.
Our quality system is expressed through:
  • the strict control of the supply of materials,
  • the continuous monitoring of safety conditions,
  • the constant scientific updating of our collaborators,
  • maintaining a welcoming and comfortable environment

EU VAT ID 10519490154

Ambulatorio Odontoiatrico
Via Battistotti Sassi, 11 - 20133 Milano - Tel. 02 7010 1012

Ambulatorio Chirurgico
Via Battistotti Sassi, 11 - 20133 Milano - Tel. 02 7010 5777